On the West Coast of New Zealand’s North Island, you’ll find Onetai Station. Abundant in Mānuka, this rugged landscape produces world-class honey. Onetai is Maori for sounds of the sea, and is the inspiration for combining two of New Zealand’s finest natural ingredients – Milk & Mānuka Honey.
Our spreads are simple and delicious, produced and packed sustainably in Taupo, the land flowing with milk and honey. It truly is a unique and nourishing blend which captures the taste of Aotearoa.


 Our Mānuka Honey is harvested from Onetai Station - a farm well-known for its sustainable and regenerative farming ethos. Hundreds of native trees are being allowed to regenerate, waterways are being restored to their pristine state, and a natural wetland has been created, allowing native wildlife to flourish.





 New Zealand is known for its first-rate dairy industry – we have more cows than people! Our Milk is sourced from high-quality dairy farms in the Central North Island and is pasteurised sustainably, using renewable geothermal energy. You can taste the goodness of New Zealand Milk in Onetai.




 Onetai is produced by Rise Taupo LP. We are based in the Central North Island, establishing a New Zealand base from which we will export worldwide. Rise Taupo uses as many local resources as possible, having its bank, legal, accounting advisors, marketing, directors and services contractors all based locally. Taupo is central to the source of the natural ingredients used in our products. It is exciting to be adding another dimension to the Taupo story.




A purpose built export licensed dairy facility has been built and commissioned on the outskirts of Taupo. This facility has the capacity to manufacture enough Onetai Milk & Mānuka Honey products for New Zealand, with a little extra left over to share with some overseas friends. 

Operations began in October 2020 with a small team of 3-4 growing as the products grow in popularity.